Web Hosting

Although this isn't glamorous, Web Hosting is the 'plumbing' and content that ensures your customers and friends can find the right place easily, and find the right information on your website.

Almaden Web can handle the creation of your new domain, i.e. your web site name, or we can arrange to move your existing domain and website over to Almaden Web. We'll help establish where your customers really go on the web when they enter your address.

Almaden Web will host your site for you and maintain it so that you never have to deal with another ISP again. Whether we create the web pages for you, you bring your own web content with you or some combination of the two, we'll give your website a safe spot on a nice server with enough space to ensure that it runs smoothly.

What are the web pages written in?

Your web pages may be in HTML, PHP or one of many other 'web languages', and may have a 'back end' written in CGI (Common Gateway Interface) for more complex web operations.

What if I want you to make changes once we're up and running?

You can ask us to make changes to one web page each month for free or as close to it as we can allow (i.e. for really BIG changes). For more frequent or more extensive changes, a nominal fee will be charged (depending on the scope of the changes and time required to implement them).

How quickly can you move my existing website?

We can usually transfer your existing website to it's new home within 3 business days, and often more quickly than that.

What if I don't want to do anything but help provide some information on what I want?

This is what we do. :-) We help friends who need websites for their organizations, families and businesses. We'll sit down with you, look at your general interests and needs, review some ideas for how you'd like your website to look, and create a working site for you to review and approve. Then, all you need to do is make sure that you let us know as information on the website needs to change.

What if I want something just like someone else has?

We respect the copyrights and trade dress of others, but can often create a website that has a feel and feature set similar to one you like. We also have a number of existing websites and templates established to help you envision what you want, and then we can customize them for your needs.

What if I want to maintain the website myself?

No problem. We can arrange a simply hosting-only deal and provide you with complete control over your domain so that you can control everything.