Email Accounts and Redirection

Email is possibly the most useful feature of the Internet. With the proper email accounts your friends and customers will be able to reach you the right way. And these email accounts can help you to organize your communications so that customers see the right information from the right source, i.e. Sales can respond to an RFQ, while the CFO handles financial emails.

Lots of families have emails just for their personal use, and also accounts strictly for business, all coming to the same computer.

What kind of accounts are there?

POP accounts (Post Office Protocol) are the most common email account on the Internet. These allow us provide a great number of features, including your own private in-boxes, access from anywhere via a web browser or your own email client application, automatic vacation responders, and much more - all managed from a private control panel.

Email Redirection?

We can provide you with a great number of POP accounts to serve your needs, but we can also provide you with email addresses that are automatically re-routed to your own base email address so you still only have one in-box to review. This is very useful when you need to see all of the emails coming into your 'info' email address, as well as all of those queries coming to 'sales', and most importantly all of the 'CEO' inquiries, and lets you respond to those inquiries from the CEO's email address!


Lastly, we offer a virtually infinite number email aliases, which aren't real email accounts but simply valid email addresses that automatically get routed to another address. Aliases allow you to create valid email addresses for things that you may want to painlessly disable later. This is often useful when signing up for something that requires a valid email address, but where your also sure that the service is going to sell that email address to others. You can create a one-time email alias to handle this, and then delete it once you've signed. It's a simple but effective scheme for cutting down on spam.

Aliases are also fun for the kids (of all ages) who want fun email addresses on the family website like "Dancer", "SportsJunkie" or "ChiefBottleWasher".

You can control all of these yourself through a simple web interface, or we can do it for you.