Domain Registration

We can create or move your domain (i.e. your web address) quickly, and will handle any domain that ends in....

  • .com   - company
  • .org   - organization, often non-profit
  • .net   - network, ISP or network service provider
  • .info   - just what it sounds like: information
  • .us   - located in the USA
  • .tv   - related to television (although it really stands for the island nation of Tuvalu)
  • .nu   - No, not nyuck nyuck
  • .ca   - located in Canada
  •   - located in the United Kingdom
  •   - an organization in the U.K.
  • .name, and many others.

We can register one or more domains for you and have them all point to the same website, and you can tailor your content based upon which website address a customer used, so that content can be localized and focused on that market segment.