Custom Development

One of the great things we get to do is help make people's dreams for a website come true. It's a lot of fun and always interesting, and it's what keeps our customers happy when they come to us.

We can create simple websites based on existing templates we have, or we can create something completely new... Or anything in between. We have developed a number of great websites and custom web applications for our customers, and they have been thrilled with the results.

How fast?

We can often get a basic template-based site up and running within a few days, including getting your provided content formatted and posted up on the server for you to review, and we can develop the content while registering the domain to help shorten up the schedule.

How experienced?

We've been developing web pages for organizations and families for years, and have the pedigree to prove it. Our simple approach to web design has helped customers get something that works well and serves their needs without resorting to expensive consultants, high-paid design houses and unnecessary complexity. We can write front ends for existing applications and create the back ends to support them, and have written code in everything from straight HTML and PHP to CGI scripts in C.

How good?

Almaden Web has created web applications and websites for families exchanging photos, legal firms, political campaigns collecting donations, youth sports organizations posting team scores and individual stats plus game photos and schedules, special interest groups focused on something as wonderful as flying or as interesting as show dogs. All of our customers are happy, and they're telling their friends.

How big?

We can build websites for anything from a few pages for a basic business or family website to a large scale website with catalogs, purchasing storefronts and merchant bank interfaces, to a registration and email list management interface that will let customers automatically register to receive targeted content from you.